SHED Lead Accelerator Programme

We never ‘meet the brief’ you’ll find us smashing targets, over-delivering, and having a real-time effect on the lead generation and business growth of each of our customer partners.

We started the SHED Lead Accelerator Programme to offer the best value 90-day accelerator to those who want to rapidly scale up their businesses and experience impact…fast.

Why S.L.A.P?

  • Exclusive Leads flooding into your business
  • Lead pipeline who want to specifically deal with YOU
  • Trust built due to familiarity and credibility
  • Desire for your service, even while you're offline or on vacation
  • Digital Marketing all handled in one easy package

Educate your prospects on how great you are and why they want to deal with you - BEFORE you speak to them!

Rapid pipeline growth is like a SLAP in the face – it wakes you up to what COULD have already been and what SHOULD be around the corner.

The difference is that waking up to automated business growth makes people happy.

Warm Leads flooding into your business - who specifically want to deal with YOU

90 Day Accelerator membership

Be part of a 90-day accelerator that will rapidly grow your pipeline and scale up your business

Experience impact…fast

Book a call today to hear how we can help grow your business ...yes, even in the current climate!

- Creative Execution

- FB Ad management

- Copywriting

- Market Positioning

- Targetting/ Persona Identification

- Brand Recognition

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