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‘Testing for your best audience on FB'

When used properly this will improve the quality of your Facebook ads across the board - both engagement and results.

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Blogs | Aug, 2021


‘Private’ is a more interesting word than ‘cheap'

While the British high street has sadly been decimated recently, the lure of exclusivity is not only strong but growing....

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Blogs | Dec, 2020


How to survive Black Friday

Don’t you just love the build up to BFCM? Even seasoned pros have a love-hate relationship with it and to let you in on a secret there’s STILL a slight fear of FOMO rattling round here as the too-early-tinsel starts decking the halls.

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Blogs | Nov, 2020


Top Tips for a Bumper Start to 2021

Don’t you just love the build up to BFCM? Even seasoned pros have a love-hate relationship with it and to let you in on a secret there’s STILL a slight fear of FOMO rattling round here as the too-early-tinsel starts decking the halls..

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Blogs | Nov, 2020


Stop buying leads

If you are running a business that needs new leads to grow by generating new customers on a regular basis then you have probably explored buying those leads from services like Bark, leadfeeder, or even Mybuilder if you’re in the home improvements sector. Read more...

Blogs | 18 Oct, 2020


Sick of going to breakfast networking events?

Chances are you started your business because you either love what you do, or you felt that you could make a difference to your prospective clients. The challenge is finding the leads for you to turn into customers, unless your background is in sales, it’s common for prospecting to slide to the bottom of the to do list. Read more...

Blogs | 15 Sep, 2020


Facebook updates (31/7/19)

We’ve been spotting several Facebook updates in the wild lately – here are our top three from the past week! 🍍


Facebook Updates | 31 Jul, 2019


A new way to schedule appointments through Facebook?

Fantastic news for anyone in the lead generation game: Facebook is officially rolling out its own dedicated appointment scheduler! Read more...

Facebook Updates | 8 Jul, 2019


Smartphones: the key to fertility clinics?

Insights There's plenty of guidance on how to write about sensitive subjects and very personal topics such as choosing fertility clinics. After all, the last thing your team wants to do is inadvertently cause ... Read more...

Insights | 2 Jul, 2019


The early bird catches the car buyer!

Join the conversation with car buyers even when decisions and research are being done online and away from your dealership. On average car-buyers are only visiting one or two dealerships,... Read more...

Insights | 28 Jun, 2019


Facebook releases Bitmoji competitor, plus several other updates

Goodbye generic emojis, hello personalised avatars! As of this month, Facebook is trialling its brand new Facebook Avatars feature in Australia. These Bitmoji-style stickers can be customised to create a... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 21 Jun, 2019


Instagram set to remove likes from this summer onwards

In a bid to improve user experience, Instagram's top boss has announced plans to remove likes from posts to reduce social pressure.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri announced the change is designed... Read more...

Instagram Updates | 18 Jun, 2019


The car dealership is dead. Long live the car dealership.

With more and more people researching potential new cars online before even stepping foot in a dealership, how can car dealers ensure a customer chooses their dealership over their competitors’? Read more..

Insights | 14 Jun, 2019


Instagram arrives in Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Updates It's been a long time coming, but Instagram has finally landed in the Creator Studio! If you're not familiar with Facebook Creator Studio,... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 11 Jun, 2019


Facebook updates (5/6/19)

Facebook's ever-changing algorithm has gone through yet another metamorphosis, with the social media giant announcing two different ranking updates that will affect what you see in your feed... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 5 Jun, 2019


Introducing Facebook’s Secret Crush!

Here's something fun to brighten your Friday: Facebook is trialling a dating service!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Yep, you read that right. As a nod to its very first few days as a 'hot-or-not' website (thank you for that history lesson, The Social Network!), Read more...

Facebook Updates | 31 May, 2019


Facebook updates (20/5/19)

1. Improved quality of News Feed posts. ⁣⁣Facebook’s updated algorithm recognises which friends you interact with the most, through check-ins, tagged photos and more, to show their posts first... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 20 May, 2019


News from the Shedquarters: May

We have a double whammy for you this month: not only have we redecorated our office, but we've also recruited a new member to join Team Shed! A few weeks ago we invited Clemmie to spruce up our office with some chalk artwork (which you can check out on our grid... Read more...

Blogs | 9 May, 2019


Facebook updates (18/4/19)

1. Increased controls on content violations. New features are being rolled out to prevent the spread of fake news and harmful content. The new community standards will include a section that allows users to see... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 18 Apr, 2019


What makes Shed Social different?

Like Facebook, we believe in the power of staying connected. We’ve been managing Facebook ads since 2015, and in January 2018 we joined an exclusive community of Facebook marketers from across the world. Read more...

Blogs | 15 Apr, 2019


Facebook updates (10/4/19)

Facebook Updates 1. Ad Library: Facebook is in the process of compiling a library of ads running on its platform, both active and inactive, local and global. While only political ads are currently available to view... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 10 Apr, 2019


Our workshop went down a treat!

Did someone say tiny cupcakes?⁣We treated workshop attendees (and ourselves, let’s be honest) with bite-sized cakes today - because who says you can’t have cake for breakfast, eh? Definitely not us!⁣⁣If you missed... Read more..

Blogs | 2 Apr, 2019


Facebook updates (19/3/19)

1. No more relevance scores! As of April 30, this metric will be scrapped in favour of Facebook is calling "more granular" metrics. In plain English, this basically means advertisers will be offered more specific ... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 19 Mar, 2019


Is WhatsApp the next new Facebook?

Okay, unless you spent yesterday on a digital detox retreat in the Himalayas and left your phone in a vault, you probably don't need us to tell you that Instagram, Messenger and Facebook were all down for a few hours.⁣ Read more...

Insights | 14 Mar, 2019


Facebook updates (12/3/19)

1. Share events to WhatsApp! Facebook recently announced that it's planning to integrate its three instant messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram DMs), but it looks like they're also aiming... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 12 Mar, 2019


What’s split testing, and should you be doing it?

Split testing is when you test different elements of your Facebook ads and see which variation works best. Different variables can include photos, music used in videos, copy, audiences, delivery optimisations,.. Read more...

Insights | 11 Mar, 2019


Facebook updates (5/3/19)

#1: Business folder is live! As of last week, messages from Facebook Pages will now go into a separate folder in Messenger.⁣ ⁣#2: Ad budget is now moving from the ad set level to the campaign level. Read more...

Facebook Updates | 5 Mar, 2019


Happy St David’s Day!

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi hapus, bawb! While we consider ourselves really lucky to be able to work with clients from across the world (thank you, modern technology!), we're also very proud of our Welsh roots. We are a Welsh company, after all!⁣ We're based in the capital... Read more...

Blogs | 1 Mar, 2019


Facebook updates (26/2/19)

#1: Facebook Messenger messages from pages will soon be sent to a separate folder within the app. Right now we don't know what effect this will have on open rates, but from a consumer point of view... Read more...

Facebook Updates | 26 Feb, 2019


Why skipping the four-step marketing funnel is hurting your business

Insights The traditional marketing funnel involves four stages and, regardless of the great leaps and bounds we've made in technology and marketing since it was first implemented, our trusty old marketing funnel... Read more...

Insights | 9 Oct, 2018


The not-so-secret recipe for the perfect ad campaign

Let's get straight to it. The answer you're looking for? It's retargeting. Pair your perfect ad with a retargeting strategy, and you're well on your way to skipping into the sunset of success. But why is it so important? Read more...

Insights | 8 Oct, 2018

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